4 Mistakes that Could Cost You Lawsuit Success

You might imagine that your personal injury case is an "open and shut" case. If injuries are present and you can clearly identify the person who caused them, you may think that your lawsuit will be successful and end quickly. However, you should refrain from premature celebration; in fact, your own mistakes could be the reason that your case ultimately fails. How?

1. Waiting too Long

Your mind might not have been clear enough to start legal proceedings immediately after the incident that caused your injuries. Your injuries might have you in bed or on the couch for the first days or weeks after you were hurt. However, waiting too long can stop your case before it ever gets off the ground. Time limits and filing deadlines exist for personal injury suits; if you're completely clueless about those, an attorney can inform you about those details.

2. Not Contacting Police

When the incident happened that caused your injuries, you might have simply left the place to go to the hospital or your home. Your focus likely stayed on your injuries and treating them. The police may not have been involved at all. However, without a clear, full police report, a personal injury case could be harder. The police can seek and talk with witnesses. They can photograph the place where the event happened. They can ask specific, fact-finding questions that cast light on various aspects of the incident. With this report, your case becomes more professional and easier for others to understand.

3. Ignoring the Doctor

Seeing a doctor is a no-brainer when injuries are present. However, you might disagree with some of the doctor's directives and fail to heed treatment plans. Should the defendant's investigators discover this or doctor's notes describe such actions, it can look like you're not as hurt and injured as your lawsuit claims. Instead, ensure you're working with one or more physicians to create a plan that you can follow.

4. Contacting the Defendant

If you knew the person you're now suing before you were hurt, it's not unnatural to want to reach out. However, contacting them in any way could only make things worse for your case. Getting into arguments or physical altercations could complicate the existing lawsuit. Therefore, if ever you need to communicate with them, go through your attorney.

An event that causes injuries is something that it could take you months or years to get over. You must act responsibly when filing a lawsuit for a settlement. Avoid these mistakes, contact injury lawyers and allow their guidance to lead you to a legal victory.