Three Situations When You Have A Case Of Personal Injury After A Motorcycle Accident

If you have been in an accident while riding your motorcycle, you need to consider contacting an attorney, especially if you have sustained injuries. Often a motorcyclist is blamed for accidents because there is a built-in bias against the biker. Most people drive cars, and they sometimes think of motorcycles as being a nuisance. You may be told the accident was your fault, but often it is the motorcycle rider that has a good case. The following are a few situations when this is true.

The insurance company has made an offer

If an insurance company has offered you a settlement check, you can be sure that you have a case. They will likely not be willing to pay you anything if the accident was your fault. However, you need to understand that the check they are offering you is probably well below what you are entitled to. Their strategy is to settle for the lowest amount possible and as quickly as they can. They do not want to give you a chance to consult with an attorney because at that point, it will be too late. Your lawyer will be able to get you everything you have coming to you.

You were hit from the rear

There is no reason to even think for a second that you don't have a case when you are struck from the rear. But this will not stop an insurance company. They may claim your brake light was out. Of course, because of the accident, the light was likely obliterated. But this doesn't matter, nor does it matter if you are accused of failing to accelerate in a reasonable amount of time when the light turned green. Whatever the explanation you are being given for being at fault is meaningless. The fact that you were rear-ended means you have a case, and you need an attorney to represent your interests.

You are preparing to file a claim

If you are looking at filing a claim with the insurance company, then you already believe that you have a case. The problem is that you couldn't possibly know all the compensation you are entitled to. The insurance company will likely look at your claim, which is already probably low, and then offer you less. An attorney will be able to negotiate on your behalf and make sure you receive all the money you are legally entitled to for your injuries, including pain and suffering. You may also be able to receive money for lost wages and other expenses related to your injuries.

The situations above are only a few examples of a motorcycle rider having a good case after an accident. If you believe you have a good case or an insurance company has already made you an offer, contact a personal injury attorney immediately.

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