Three Useful Abilities An Auto Accident Attorney Has

In the United States, 27% of car accidents lead to non-fatal injuries and 6% of accidents lead to fatalities. After an accident, you might assume that you can simply submit a claim and receive compensation for your injuries. Sometimes it feels insurance carriers do everything they can to deny your claim. Fortunately, auto accident attorneys have several tools in their toolkit to help fight for the settlement you deserve.

1. Prior Experience Negotiating with Insurance Carriers

A car accident attorney will know all the tricks an insurance carrier may use to deny your claim. They know exactly what you should not say to the carrier. For example, you should never say the following:

  • I'm sorry
  • I'm not hurt
  • It was my fault

You should also never give an official statement without first having the statement examined by an attorney. Once you give a statement, the insurance carrier may use the statement in any future proceedings. 

2. Effective Investigation Techniques

An attorney can effectively investigate the details of your accident. They will obtain police reports and will look up whether the defendant has a criminal record. They can also track down witnesses who may have seen the accident and will testify on your behalf. 

The attorney may obtain surveillance footage and photographs taken at the scene of the accident. Using hard evidence and witness statements, your attorney may then reconstruct your accident with the help of experts such as:

  • Medical professionals
  • Car mechanics
  • Retired police officers

Lawyers often have prior relationships with professionals they have worked with and may call upon them as expert witnesses if your case goes to trial. An expert witness can give his opinion regarding how serious your injuries are and how long you will have to wait until you are fully recovered. The longer the recovery, the higher your medical bills will be.

3. A Greater Understanding of How Much Your Settlement is Worth

After an accident, you may focus on your immediate expenses. Unfortunately, insurance providers count on this and will offer a settlement that may cover your current medical expenses but not your future expenses. You are also entitled to lost wages, lost potential earnings, and even rental car expenses. 

Calculating all of your damages can be challenging without an understanding of the law. For this reason, it is important to contact an auto accident attorney shortly after receiving medical treatment so you can receive the help you need.