Ouch! Why Are Some Slip And Fall Injuries So Common?

Everyone has fallen at some point, and most falls lead to minor injuries or no injuries at all. For this reason, if you slip and fall on some else's property as a customer, the property owner might not appreciate how serious your injuries are. They may do everything possible to downplay the accident and avoid liability for your injuries. What makes fall injuries so common and dangerous? 

Slippery and Wet Floors

Some surfaces are simply slippery by nature such as a polished tile floor. Other surfaces become slippery when wet and may catch you by surprise. Wet floors aren't always noticeable, and businesses sometimes forget to put wet floor signs in place to warn customers. During cold weather, outdoor surfaces can ice and the building owner may fail to apply deicer. 

Poor Sanitation

The building might have dirt or debris left on the floor that you can easily trip over. Dust can reduce traction for your shoes and can lead to a slip and fall accident. 

Loose Mats, Cords, and Other Obstacles

If a floor mat is loose or curls up, you might trip over it. Also, loose cords not only look unprofessional but are a common tripping hazard. Other tripping hazards include:

  • Tools and equipment left lying around
  • Temporary obstructions such as a low wall
  • A mop bucket placed in a poorly visible location

You may find it easier to prove negligence with these accidents because there is an obvious breach of duty of care. Also, falling on an obstacle can make your injury even worse.

Poorly Maintained Floors

Loose or uneven flooring can easily lead to a fall injury because you might not expect it. You may even trip over a small hole in the floor. Flooring in disrepair is even more dangerous when the building doesn't have adequate lighting. 

Make sure to record the unsafe building conditions by taking photographs or by writing down everything you see. After you have received treatment for your injuries, call a slip and fall lawyer immediately. With these types of accidents, evidence can disappear quickly. Stores often have surveillance cameras but footage might disappear mysteriously if you do not seek a copy of the footage promptly.

Slip and fall injuries are no laughing matter and can lead to permanent disability or even death. But even if your fall simply leads to temporary injuries, pain, and suffering, you still have every right to seek compensation. Reach out to a slip and fall lawyer to learn more.