Don’t Ignore Your Leg Injury After A Car Accident

After a car accident, you might assume that you're not injured. However, days after the accident, you might start to notice that you're suffering from leg pain. Legs are often injured in car accidents and you may be entitled to compensation if you were not responsible for the accident.

Leg Injuries During a Car Crash

Your legs are in a compact part of the car during an accident and have less space to move around. Your legs could easily be crushed or squeezed. You may begin to suffer from deep vein thrombosis because of a blood clot that develops in your leg. If you have suffered a head-on collision, you might experience a knee injury. Your leg or hip bones might become dislocated. Regardless of the symptoms you experience, you'll want to visit a doctor so they can treat you for your injuries. 

Leg injuries can be very debilitating because they can prevent you from working. Standing and walking are very basic tasks even in a job that is mostly sedentary. You may even be forced to use a wheelchair. Therefore, you'll need to locate a car accident attorney who will help you seek compensation for your leg injury.

Car Accident Litigation

The first step in pursuing compensation for a leg injury is to make sure that your leg injury is serious. Otherwise, you may find it unnecessary to seek compensation for your injuries because you may not receive a substantial amount of compensation for your injuries.

A car accident attorney will make sure that you take the steps necessary to seek compensation for your injuries. For example, by seeking medical attention for your injuries, you'll have a much easier time proving that you were injured and that your injuries are connected to the accident. Your doctor will be able to give a medical opinion that connects your leg injury to the accident.

Just because your leg was injured in the accident, this doesn't mean that you will automatically be entitled to compensation for your injuries. The insurance adjuster might argue that you were actually responsible for your injuries or may merely assert that the policyholder did not breach a duty of care during the accident. Because you may have expensive medical bills and are dependent on a settlement to pay these bills, it's essential that you seek help from a qualified legal team that will help you gather the evidence necessary to prove your case.

For more information, reach out to a car accident attorney today.