Can You Still Win Your Auto Accident Case During COVID-19?

With much of the world shut down or disrupted by COVID-19, you may be wondering how you will be able to win your auto accident case. The truth is that in most cases, you won't see any difference at all than what you would see in normal times.

Your Lawyer is Still Fully Available

Most lawyers have already been operating with less need to go to their office for years. They do consultations and other meetings by phone or secure video chat. They also have online portals where you can send them your documents and ask or answer those quick questions. If you do need or want an in-person meeting, social distancing practices are in place such as sitting farther apart in a larger conference room and scheduling appointments so there aren't multiple clients in the waiting room at once.

Most Cases Settle By Phone

If you've already tried dealing with your insurance company on your own, it may surprise you to learn that most cases still settle by phone. Hiring a lawyer does two things for you. First, it shows the insurance company that you're serious about recovering what you're owed. Second, it gives you someone that knows what your case is worth.

When your lawyer calls your insurance company, they explain how much similar accidents have been worth in court, why your accident is similar, and why the law supports your claim. The other lawyer may disagree at first, but once both lawyers talk it out, they usually have a pretty good idea about what a jury would award. Since going to court to get the same amount of money costs everyone more, they usually agree to settle.

Courts Are Still Open

Courts around the country are still open for business. Many have modified practices such as holding some sessions by video conference and limiting the number of people inside, but cases are still moving. You don't have to wait until after the pandemic.

You may be worried about the jury being angry you sued so they have to come to court, but that goes both ways. They could also be angry that the insurance company made you go to court. While no one likes jury duty, especially during these times, the reality is that there's very little chance it would bias the jury specifically against you.

If you have any other concerns about your auto accident claim during COVID-19, contact a local auto accident lawyer today.