Personal Injury Lawsuit Myths

Misinformation concerning the steps that you can take after suffering an accident that results in a major injury can make it harder to recover following these instances. Not surprisingly, it can be easy for misinformation about personal injury cases to spread due to the reality that individuals may not have any experience with these situations until they face them for the first time.

Myth: A Personal Injury Attorney Will Only Be Interested In High-Value Cases

Individuals may assume that a personal injury attorney will only be interested in representing clients that have cases that are worth extremely large amounts of money. In reality, these attorneys are usually willing to work with any clients that have suffered enough injury or financial losses to warrant pursuing a case. While these professionals may work on some high-value cases, the bulk of their work will likely involve working on more routine types of cases.

Myth: It Will Cost You A Lot Of Upfront Costs To Work With A Personal Injury Attorney

When a person is attempting to assess their legal options following an accident, they may assume that it will likely involve them needing to pay a large amount of money upfront. Often, this assumption is based on the belief that they will need to be a retainer fee for the attorney or to pay them an hourly rate for consultations. However, these should not be major factors for an accident victim. Personal injury attorneys will typically not charge their clients until the case has resolved and an award or settlement is paid to the client.

Myth: The Award Or Settlement Will Be Deposited Directly Into Your Bank Account

At the conclusion of the case, the attorney will receive the payment that is issued to you. This will allow them to pay any costs that were needed to pursue the case. This will often mostly encompass court costs, expert witness fees, and other preparation expenses. After these costs have been subtracted from the settlement, the attorney will issue the remaining balance to you. This entire process should only take a day or two once the attorney receives the payment. However, it can take up to several weeks before the defense will have to issue the payment, but you will be made aware of this when the terms of the settlement or verdict are finalized. This will ensure that you can make the appropriate plans for what you will need to do when this money is received.

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