Suffered A Burn Injury? You’Ll Likely Have These Two Questions

Were you involved in an accident that resulted in a burn injury? There can be a lot of unknowns, especially when it comes to your recovery. Here are some questions you are likely to have about this specific type of injury. 

What Are Some Examples Of Burn Injuries?

Don't assume that your burn injury will not qualify for a personal injury lawsuit, since there are many examples of this type of injury. Thermal burns are incredibly common, which are caused by scalding liquids, steam, or flames. Electrical burns happen when you come in contact with an electrical current, and can also result in thermal burns if clothing catches on fire. Chemical burns happen when your skin comes in contact with a dangerous chemical. Radiation burns can occur when you're exposed to radiation or even ultraviolet light that causes damage to the skin. 

Each of those burns will also have different classifications. First-degree burns are considered superficial, but leave behind red and dry skin without any blistering. Second-degree burns go deeper within the skin and can create an area that blisters and are much harder to fix. Sometimes a second-degree burn will require a skin graft. Third-degree burns will destroy the first and second layers of skin and potentially cause nerve damage to the affected area. A fourth-degree burn can be quite extreme since they go down to the bone and can require amputation in some situations. 

How Can A Lawyer Help With A Burn Injury? 

Burn injuries are not just the physical injuries that you suffer, but can also result in psychological injuries as well. You may be left with scars, which not only look bad but can feel very painful as well. This means that the compensation that you will be seeking is going to be much more than the medical bills that you have for any hospitalization or surgery associated with the burn. Your recovery can also take years to fully recover.

A lawyer is going to know how to treat this type of case so that you receive the compensation that you deserve. You are going to have a legal professional on your side that can help look up previous settlements from burn victims so that you know what you can expect to receive in your own settlement. In addition, a lawyer can know what expert witnesses to call on that can speak on your behalf regarding your burn injury, to help solidify your case in court.

For more information on your case, talk to a personal injury attorney today.