The Most Common Reasons For Wrong-Way Collisions

When you are on the road, you might be surprised when another driver is heading right toward you driving on the wrong side of the road. You might try to get out of the way, but there may be no way to maneuver around the other driver. Wrong-way collisions are surprisingly common and often can lead to injuries. 


One of the most common reasons for wrong-way collisions is drinking and driving. By being drunk or under the influence of drugs, the driver can become confused and end up drifting onto the wrong side of the road. Some drivers have been on the road for many hours and even fall asleep behind the wheel. All of these situations are an example of negligence and you should be entitled to compensation if your accident is a result of any of these reasons.

Old Age

Some seniors might become confused and think they are driving on the right side of the road when they are actually driving on the wrong side. Also, older drivers are more associated with medical conditions that can increase the odds that they will be under the influence of medications or will be distracted.

Distracted Driving

Some drivers end up on the wrong side of the road because they are using their cell phones or are distracted in another way. The driver might be talking to friends, applying makeup, or distracted by a pet. Being distracted can easily lead to a driver driving the opposite way on a one-way street.

Unclear Signs

Poor signs can sometimes lead to drivers becoming confused. The signs might not be very visible or it may not be clear which side of the road the driver is on. Some roads in general are constructed in a manner that is confusing. However, drivers are also responsible for showing due care to make sure they are on the right side of the road at all times.

Your Accident Case

When the other driver is on the wrong side of the road, they are clearly negligent and will likely be held responsible for the accident. However, you will still want to speak with a personal injury attorney so you can increase your odds of receiving maximum compensation for your injuries. You will need to calculate all of your medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and anything else that you are entitled to receiving compensation for. Contact a personal injury attorney for more information.