How To Recover Financially After A Commercial Truck Accident

Given the size and power of a commercial truck, an auto accident involving a commercial truck can lead to serious injuries. If you are the victim of a truck driver's negligence, you may suffer from injuries so severe that you may even suffer the loss of a limb. If this is the case, you will need to take legal action against the commercial truck driver to receive compensation for everything that was taken away from you.

Losing a Leg After a Commercial Truck Accident

After an accident, your leg might be fractured or it may even be severed. You may suffer a spine injury that leads to your leg no longer functioning properly. For example, your leg might be pinned due to the force of the commercial truck and you may lose your leg due to the loss of blood flow. You might need to have your leg amputated to save your life.

While you are recovering from the loss of your limb, you will want to get in contact with a truck accident lawyer who can manage your case while you are focused on recovering. Your attorney will gather the evidence necessary to prove that the commercial truck driver was responsible for the accident.

After Proving Liability

After your attorney has successfully proven that the other driver is responsible for your injuries, you will begin the long process of recovering. The commercial insurance provider will likely make a settlement offer but this is not something you should necessarily agree to because the initial settlement offer may not pay for your medical bills or lost wages.

With an accident that is this severe, you will likely need to wait longer to be able to fully understand how much you should be entitled to. Your doctor will need to see how soon you will be able to be discharged from the hospital and what further treatments you may need. Then you will need to consider your lost wages.

Losing a Job After Losing a Leg

After you lose a leg due to a commercial truck accident, you will likely not be able to perform the work that you performed previously. You will be entitled to the lost wages you have suffered up to this point and future lost wages if you are not able to retain your previous wages due to your injuries. You will also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering and loss of companionship.