Auto Accident Injuries: 3 Things That Can Make You Go Uncompensated

Most car accident insurers will prefer paying some form of settlement for auto injuries for an agreement that the client will not pursue a court process. This is because lawsuits can be expensive and often take months or even years before a ruling. 

Often, many clients will consider the settlement because they are afraid that there is a chance they might not get anything if they lose the case. Expert legal representation is crucial in negotiating a fair settlement and protecting your interest. 

That said, certain circumstances will make you miss out on compensation. Here's how.

When You Cannot Prove Liability

Many auto injury settlement cases will be dismissed in court if the complainant cannot prove the other driver's fault in the accident. Every driver must follow all traffic and, you need adequate evidence the accused driver deviated from traffic laws.

A qualified attorney will help gather adequate evidence and organize photos, police reports, eyewitnesses, medical reports, and any other statement to support your case. 

You Delayed Seeking Medical Attention 

Accidents are often abrupt and unexpected, which often leaves the affected persons frightened and in a state of shock. That said, you might not realize your injuries sooner, hence seeking medical attention days or even weeks later. This is because soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash, resulting in swelling, pain, and reduced mobility, never manifest the same day of the said accident. 

You are likely to seek treatment weeks after the accidents resulting in delayed treatment. That said, delayed treatments make it hard for insurers to determine if injuries resulted from the accidents. Some insurers might view it as an attempt to a fraudulent claim, hence denying you compensation.

You Failed to Hire Legal Representation 

The stakes are considerably high in auto-related accidents and making the wrong move will leave you with no compensation. Although you are under no obligation to seek legal representation after a car accident, the law is complicated, and insurers will follow a particular system to approve compensation. 

Without legal representation, you might not know how to determine the accident's long-term effects or how to pursue fair compensation.  

As you can see, you significantly improve your chances of a fair settlement following injuries from a car accident with an experienced auto injury lawyer by your side. You also drastically reduce your chances of going uncompensated since a lawyer is well versed in what to do following a car accident and will guarantee a tight-proof case. 

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