How To Help Your Doctor Help You When Filing An SSDI Claim

One of the most important parts of filing an SSDI claim is convincing the SSA that you are as injured as you claim. Your doctor will play an important role in this. However, doctors have a range of opinions regarding SSDI benefits, and some doctors do not have experience assisting a patient. Both you and your SSDI lawyer may need to work carefully with your doctor so you can have your SSDI claim approved.

Why Your Medical Records are Important

The SSA will determine whether you should qualify for SSDI benefits based on your medical records. The SSA representative will scrutinize your claim and will deny it if they believe there is not enough evidence that you are disabled. While you will be able to appeal after your claim is denied, it is best to try to maximize your chances of being approved with each attempt.

Understand the Limitations of Your Doctor

Your doctor will not necessarily know all of your restrictions, even after a thorough examination. You will want to write down all the things you aren't able to do and why this is the case. Then, your doctor will be more likely to include these restrictions in your medical records.

If you do not clarify your restrictions, your doctor will simply look at your previous medical records, form an opinion based on what can be measured in the office, and will submit the medical records to the SSA. Your doctor will not run tests unless you give a reason to suspect that the tests are necessary.

For example, if you are suffering from chronic back pain, you must inform your doctor of this. If you find it difficult to sit or stand for a long period of time, you should inform your doctor of this. The more details your doctor provides, the greater your odds of being approved.

Your Doctor's Statement

If your doctor agrees with the limitations that you have, request that your doctor write a statement in which your limitations are described to the SSA. This will carry more weight than if you simply make this claim yourself. If you are not sure what should be included in the letter, speak with a social security disability attorney beforehand.

The SSDI attorney will assist you in filing a claim that will have the greatest likelihood of being approved. Then, you won't have to wait as long to receive your benefits.