3 Things To Avoid Doing After A Motorcycle Accident

If you own a motorcycle or frequently ride one, you likely know that there are risks associated with it. Some of the best and safest motorcyclists have gotten injured or killed in accidents. These accidents may involve other motorcyclists, vehicles, or commercial vehicles. The sheer size of a motorcycle makes it vulnerable to other modes of transportation on roadways.

Hopefully, you will never be a victim of a motorcycle accident, but if you are, you might be entitled to compensation. There are several mistakes victims may make that could negatively impact their potential compensation. The following points represent a few ways to safeguard your interests if you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident. 

Do Not Refuse Medical Treatment

A motorcycle accident may appear minor. The bike could look worse than a victim's injuries. Some victims may experience a rush of adrenaline and not realize that they have significant injuries, which can cause them to decline medical attention. Road rash, bone fractures, and internal injuries might not be obvious, especially in accident locations that have low light. Refusing medical treatment could be life-threatening. It could also make treatable injuries such as road rash more complex to treat. Infection and internal bleeding are potential consequences. Insurance companies might try to question the validity of injury claims when treatment is delayed.

Do Not Agree to Recorded Conversations

It is normal for insurance companies to try to contact victims and the insured driver after a motorcycle accident. They have employees who are insurance adjusters. Their job involves assessing the damages. They may request a recorded conversation with victims in person or over the phone. Victims do not have to consent and should not until they have made contact with a motorcycle accident lawyer. If a lawyer is retained by a victim, they can speak on behalf of their client. This ensures that information is relayed properly and that wording is not taken out of context. 

Do Not Sign Documents

Signed documents are viewed as legally binding. Victims may feel like they have to sign documents to receive compensation. However, signing a document that outlines receiving payment could result in a victim receiving less than they are entitled to. It may be hard to prove that a document was signed under duress or due to a lack of understanding. 

Do Not Delay Seeking Legal Counsel

A motorcycle attorney is a good resource to use to understand more about matters concerning compensation. They can help victims understand factors that could make a case worth more than settlement offers made by insurance companies. Families of injured or deceased individuals can also seek compensation for damages.

Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer for more information.