Settling For More: Finding Out About Accidents And Settlements

Those hurt by a careless driver may be eligible for compensation. The easiest and fastest way to be paid is with an accident settlement. Read on and find out about your chances to be paid in this manner.

Settlement or Judgment: How to Know

The only time anyone will need to take a case to court is when it doesn't settle. Almost all cases do end up settling out of court. Settlements are based on several factors, but they may be more readily offered in some circumstances. For example, when it's clear that the other driver was fault, you may be offered a settlement soon after the accident occurs. That doesn't mean, though, that you will be offered a settlement that meets your needs. Never sign a settlement agreement without first talking to a personal injury lawyer. Below are a few other issues that factor into your chances of a settlement, how quickly they are presented to you, and the amount of the settlement.

Liability Issues

Fault is a big factor, but who did what is often unclear. If both drivers are convinced that the other driver caused the accident, settling may be more difficult. Compared to a case in which the other driver readily admits to fault, a contested fault case could end up in court rather than settling. Even if it does settle, it could take several weeks or months of investigation to determine who was a fault. An investigation must be launched in which evidence is gathered and evaluated. For example, eyewitnesses to the accident may be contacted and interviewed about what they saw.

Demanding Payment

One of the biggest influences on accident settlements are the actions of the victim. If they are unsure of how much their case is worth, they may agree to a settlement, but at what cost? Those who engage a personal injury lawyer may find that the case takes longer to settle but they also usually end up being paid what they should. Personal injury lawyers know what is owed to the victim and will demand a settlement based on damages along with other factors like other settlements in the same geographic area. Not only that, but victims may also be unaware that they can be paid for something like lost wages or pain and suffering until they speak to a lawyer. These are damages worth pursuing even if it takes a bit longer to do so.

Learn more about your personal injury settlement chances by speaking to a car accident lawyer, such as one from Frenkel & Frenkel.