How to Convince the Judge That Your DUI Does Not Warrant a Severe Punishment

Drunk drinking is still a leading cause of road carnage, resulting in thousands of court cases annually. However, it is worth noting that some people who appear in court for DUI are not guilty of the offense. Therefore, you may consider hiring a lawyer from a law firm to defend you in court if you get sued for allegedly driving while intoxicated. They can disagree with how the arresting authorities handled evidence and challenge the credibility of state witnesses or the facts presented in court. They will use the following strategies to convince the judge that your DUI does not warrant severe punishment.

They Will Challenge the Evidence Presented Against You

Law enforcers have the right to arrest you if they believe you are impaired. They can justify their arrest by showing all the tests they conducted to confirm that you were intoxicated. However, the arresting officers may have overlooked several factors, leading to inaccurate test results. For example, they might have failed to consider that you could be under medication that made you appear drunk. Besides, they may have forced you to take sobriety tests despite unfavorable weather. Your lawyer can present facts illustrating these factors and dispute any evidence against you.

They Will Argue That You Never Understood Your Rights

The law offers guiding procedures the police should use when arresting DUI suspects. It includes a directive requiring them to read out your rights before arresting you. Doing so will let you know what to do and what to avoid during your arrest. It will mainly prevent you from saying something that the officers may use against you in court. Failure to let you know your rights is illegal, and your lawyer can challenge your charges in court. They will argue that you made a mistake that led to your arrest because you never understood your rights. Therefore, they will request the judge to throw out your case or offer you a lenient judgment.

They Will Argue That You Were in Your Right Mental Condition

The police could arrest you even if you did not display signs of intoxication. However, they must prove that you were not in the right mental condition because you were intoxicated. Your lawyer can object to your arrest by arguing that the arresting officers had no reason to apprehend you because you were orderly when they stopped you.    

Some law enforcers make mistakes when arresting DUI suspects and filing cases in court. That is why hiring a personal injury attorney to defend you after being arrested for driving under the influence is advisable. They will use the strategies and other effective defenses to help you win your case.