What Factors Go Into A Whiplash Injury Settlement?

One common injury that can happen is whiplash, which is technically known as soft tissue damage. This can happen during a slip and fall, a car accident, or any injury where your neck and back suffer an injury from a sudden jerking movement. It can cause neck pain, headaches, stiffness, and cause problems with your range of motion. In some situations, it can even cause chronic pain. Here are some of the factors that determine how much your whiplash injury could be worth due to a lawsuit.

Your MRI

An MRI can help a lot to show what kind of whiplash injury you actually have. It can help show a bulging disk injury and how serious it is. The MRI is capable of showing if you have one bulging disk or are actually dealing with several. If you can improve that the injury was major then you can seek out more compensation.

Your Medical Bills

The treatment process for whiplash is also going to play into your settlement amount since you should be able to recover all of your existing medical bills. It will be a matter of totaling up all of the money that you owe, as well as what your insurance paid on your behalf. That is because your insurance company is going to expect to be paid back if you end up winning in court or settling your case out of court.

However, you also have the option to include future medical bills as part of your settlement. This is because you cannot sue the responsible person again if you find that you need ongoing treatment for your injury, and you can actually estimate what those future bills will be and include them as part of the settlement process.

For example, you may require surgery to help fix the injury, but it won't happen until sometime in the future. It's possible for your lawyer to estimate the cost of that surgery and justify why you are asking for compensation in a settlement.

Your Quality Of Life

An injury may leave you in a condition from which you will never fully recover. This will lead to a worse quality of life due to pain and suffering. Your quality of life can have a monetary value put on it, which is why pain and suffering damages are often factored into a settlement.

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