Hurt and Can't Work? We Answer Your Questions!

Should You Pursue A Legal Claim After A Back Injury?

Back injuries are incredibly common. In fact, back injuries bring a significant number of people to the doctor's office each year, many complaining that they have been injured because of somebody else's negligence or inappropriate actions. Does this sound familiar? If it does, it could be that you are considering a legal claim because somebody has acted negligently toward you. This guide will help you understand the battle ahead for you and your back injury. Read More 

Scaffolding Job Accidents At Job Sites

When you work at a construction site, you probably know the risks of your job site. Unfortunately, scaffolding can bring about many potential hazards. Scaffolding that has been assembled and used in accordance with safety guidelines is totally fine, but unfortunately there are some hazards that could lead to some significant injuries. Scaffolding Is a Danger at the Job Site Scaffolding is designed to be temporary, a way to help construction workers and others as they perform tasks that are not necessarily on the ground. Read More 

4 Mistakes that Could Cost You Lawsuit Success

You might imagine that your personal injury case is an "open and shut" case. If injuries are present and you can clearly identify the person who caused them, you may think that your lawsuit will be successful and end quickly. However, you should refrain from premature celebration; in fact, your own mistakes could be the reason that your case ultimately fails. How? 1. Waiting too Long Your mind might not have been clear enough to start legal proceedings immediately after the incident that caused your injuries. Read More