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Can You Still Win Your Auto Accident Case During COVID-19?

With much of the world shut down or disrupted by COVID-19, you may be wondering how you will be able to win your auto accident case. The truth is that in most cases, you won't see any difference at all than what you would see in normal times. Your Lawyer is Still Fully Available Most lawyers have already been operating with less need to go to their office for years. They do consultations and other meetings by phone or secure video chat. Read More 

Damaging Dialogue: How Insurance Adjuster Calls Can Trip You Up

When it comes to phone calls after a wreck, some are better off ignored. Talking to the insurance adjuster may seem like an innocent act but it can trip up accident victims and negatively affect their case. Read on to find out how why some things are better left unsaid. This is Not a Good Time To Make Decisions Insurance companies operate to decrease their losses after an accident. That is why they often act quickly when it looks like their client is at fault for a wreck. Read More 

What Happens If An Employer Lies About Work Hours On A Comp Claim?

A lot of workers' compensation cases arise from employers doing dumb things. One of those poor choices is to lie to the insurance company about how many hours you worked. This can happen in cases where employers are deliberately underreporting hours in tax-avoidance schemes, and it is a form of fraud. Your first question for a workers' compensation lawyer though is probably about what you can do. Take a look at the way a law firm will likely approach such a case. Read More 

How A Commercial Vehicle Wreck Attorney Helps In Serious Cases With Injuries And Deaths

Large commercial vehicles are important for many types of businesses but can be very problematic if they end up crashing and causing any injuries or death. As a result, it is important to understand the various types of proof that can help prove fault in these cases and how to present it in a way that ensures success when pursuing a lawsuit of this type. Commercial Accidents May Become Fatal Read More 

What Does A Demand Letter In An Injury Case Include?

When injured folks choose to go to a law firm, one of the biggest reasons is to make sure the demand letter for the case is polished. A demand letter is a legal instrument that gets a claim moving, and it satisfies the law's requirements that you file a claim within a certain time after an incident. However, a demand letter needs to make a rock-solid case to an insurance company that you deserve to be compensated for your situation. Read More