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Don’t Ignore Your Leg Injury After A Car Accident

After a car accident, you might assume that you're not injured. However, days after the accident, you might start to notice that you're suffering from leg pain. Legs are often injured in car accidents and you may be entitled to compensation if you were not responsible for the accident. Leg Injuries During a Car Crash Your legs are in a compact part of the car during an accident and have less space to move around. Read More 

Bus Accident? You Need an Attorney

If you take public transportation regularly, you know that witnessing a bus accident can be a major issue. Things get worse when you become the victim of a bus accident. The good news? If you are the victim of another individual or organization's negligence, you may be able to take legal action and recover some of the funds you've lost. Bus Accidents Are Caused By Several Factors You should take note of some common causes of bus accidents and how they can affect you. Read More 

Heat Injuries And Your Job: What To Know

Some jobs involve spending time outdoors — no matter what the weather. Some jobs can get workers hot under the collar even if they work indoors, however. Heat-related illnesses can be both debilitating and deadly, so read on to find out about the benefits you might deserve from your employer's workers' compensation insurer. What to Know About Heat-Related Injuries Two dangerous conditions can occur when the body gets overheated. Heat stress refers to the first stage of heat stroke and can include fainting, cramping, heat rashes, and more. Read More 

Ouch! Why Are Some Slip And Fall Injuries So Common?

Everyone has fallen at some point, and most falls lead to minor injuries or no injuries at all. For this reason, if you slip and fall on some else's property as a customer, the property owner might not appreciate how serious your injuries are. They may do everything possible to downplay the accident and avoid liability for your injuries. What makes fall injuries so common and dangerous?  Slippery and Wet Floors Read More 

Three Useful Abilities An Auto Accident Attorney Has

In the United States, 27% of car accidents lead to non-fatal injuries and 6% of accidents lead to fatalities. After an accident, you might assume that you can simply submit a claim and receive compensation for your injuries. Sometimes it feels insurance carriers do everything they can to deny your claim. Fortunately, auto accident attorneys have several tools in their toolkit to help fight for the settlement you deserve. 1. Prior Experience Negotiating with Insurance Carriers Read More